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How we offer our best to you at each and every sale.....

Our research involves looking in unique places for unique items. We tend to look away from second hand retailers (i.e eBay, Etsy, etc.) These items are generally sold based on their sentimental value. We look to realized prices.


TLC prides itself on setting up a professional Estate Sale. We use our company owned tables, we gather like items in one spot. We wash and display items to give them a good chance at selling. We price as much of the household items as we can. Giving you the best start to purchase.

Van Zant Auctions

We have partnered with Amie Laughlin of Van Zant Auctions to give our clients the absolute most out of the personal property they must liquidate. Amie has proven to be a most valued asset of our Estate Liquidation process. Most of our Estate Sales will end with a Monday Auction.

eBay Buying

LOOK EVERY DAY!!!! Items being added to our eBay store every day. Check it out NOW! Buy with confidence. The TLC Estate Services reputation stands behind every item.

Estate Sale News

This is a great blog spot filled with interesting articles related to National Estate Sales and what is going on in the industry.

Estate Sale Articles

Read what Estate Sale websites have to say about the industry. Many articles related to shopping and finding your perfect treasure.

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Our Estate Sales satisfy the needs of our clients and give them peace of mind.
Carpe Bargain -- Seize the deal.

How does TLC advertise its sales? - * Our first step is word of mouth, we always spread the word about "our next sale" at the one we are currently working. * We have an email list that has over 1,000 emails on it currently. * We post your sale on the internet on estate sale websites, Craigslist, garage sale websites & Facebook. * We advertise online with Reno News and Review in Reno, Sacramento and Chico. * We post directional street signs along busy streets. * We pass out flyers in the neighborhood, weather and time permitting. * In certain geographical areas we advertise in the local newspaper. * eBay local classfieds, Garage Sales Reno. com, * People follow our website - * TLC had a radio spot on a local radio channel 103.7 The River.

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Owner Extroidinaire (775)303-3040
With love and a passion for helping people, Kathy started this business with little more than an idea. It has grown, and grown and grown. She has enjoyed every minute of her retirement.
Following her mother’s lead. Helping build the business as best they can. Cheryl works behind the scenes on website formatting, advertising and occasional input for large business decisions.


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ebay...... We list our special finds on eBay for you to purchase.

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Information from around the Country and in our back yard on Estate Sales

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